Jaguar XJS Rebuild record


Acquired 15 years ago as a restoration project, it was stripped bare, completely rebuilt using original equipment manufacturer parts and repainted. The owner kept a photographic record of some of the main stages

Jaguar XJS body
Jaguar XJS body

The original car was sound and rust free – It was then dismantled and stripped down to bare metal before the reconstruction could take place

Jaguar XJS body

The next stages on the body consists of applying primers before the final paint can be done – sounds easy…

Jaguar XJS body

… but takes time

Jaguar XJS body

Final paint being applied…

Jaguar XJS body parts


Jaguar XJS body

Starting to look nearly finished…

Jaguar XJS engine

…with a full engine rebuild

Jaguar XJS transaxle

A fully restored transaxle…

Jaguar XJS invoices

…and a massive number of invoices!

Jaguar XJS V12

Finished! and available for sale

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