1934 Chrysler 3.3 Plymouth

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Rare! 3.3 Plymouth PE  Wimbledon


Following the dramatic sales performance of the 1933 Plymouth in which it had captured one quarter of the new car market, it would have been simple for Walter Chrysler to sit back and rest on his laurels. Not so – for 1934 Chrysler would market a new car, one which would feature more luxury items of the “high priced” class than the competitors in the low-priced field. Included among the list of items the new car would boast was independent front suspension along with Plymouth’s familiar all steel body, hydraulic brakes and countless other features.


Together with DeSoto, another Chrysler Corporation marque, Plymouths were assembled in Mortlake Road, Kew from 1932 to 1939 and badged as Chryslers, being given the names of London suburbs such as Croydon, Richmond, Kew and Wimbledon. From 1934 onwards the engines comprised a 3.3-litre six for the Wimbledon and a 2.8-litre six for the Kew.


This right-hand drive Chrysler Wimbledon is a very rare model with suicide doors front and rear!


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