1972 Rover 3500 S

Price: £7 950

1972 Rover 3500 1970 ROVER P6 3500 S 1 OF 6 DEVELOPMENT CARS

This Rover 3500 S Factory Manual car was sent to Cross Manufacturing of Bath directly from Rover in order that the engine could be evaluated to gain more power and increase consumption. It is understood that the engine is a one off having been re bored and sleeved increasing the cubic capacity to 3800cc. At some point a fuel injection system was fitted but it is now running on carburetors.

The Rover was retained by Cross manufacturing until 2015, ownership changing several times internally in the company. It was registered as MXC 999H this number was retained by Cross and the car re registered as EMR 722L.

The Rover has power steering fitted . This is a unique part of Rover history.

On test drive, this 3500 S feels like it does have more power and torque than the standard model.


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