1974 Rover 3500 V8

Price: £14, 950

This Rover 3500 has had the same owner since new; initially registered in Jersey and covered only 34,500 miles. After a house move to the mainland in 1988, the Rover was UK registered as OAW 98P.
No paperwork is on file for this part of its history, but the owner fondly remembers her husband desperate to buy the brand new 2-litre Rover but after no doubt a little encouragement by the salesman, ended up coming out of the showroom with the slightly quicker more powerful model.
The paperwork starts almost a decade later in 1996, when £1,400 was spent on repairs and servicing by Atkinsons Restoration Services in the West Midlands.  Recorded mileage at the time showed 27,111 miles and work included replacing all four bumper irons .Between then and at least 2019, it has been serviced on a regular basis and MOTd by Court Autos of Telford. Both the invoices on file and the MOTs show the mileage steadily rising to its current low reading of just 34,500miles. Structurally, it doesn’t appear to have had any serious work done and still does not need it, The car was also heavily waxoyled to preserve from any further age related corrosion.
For those with an observant eye to detail, this car is indeed an automatic, although if you find yourself looking at HPI you will see it is listed as a 3500 S An error on the part of the DVLA we believe but easy enough to either leave as is or rectify.

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