1991 BMW 750iL

SOLD already!

Production of the E32 7 series started with the introduction of the 735i in June 1986 and the 730i in December 1986, concluding in April 1994 with a total of 311,068 units built.


 The launch models consisted of the 730i/iL and 735i/iL, which were powered by the M30 straight-6 engine. Also available at the E32 launch was the 750i/iL, which was the first BMW ever sold with a V12 engine. The rated power output of the 5.0 L (305 cu in) M70 V12 is 220 kW (295 hp).


Manufactured in 1991, this car has been stored for many years. It has covered just 3,515 miles to date.

We have information from the previous owner who informed us that the car was given new as a gift to Kendal College for training purposes by Mr Bateman of Bateman, BMW, Lindale in the Lake District. We can only assume that the 3,515 miles covered was done so on trade plates or on private roads  as it has never been registered.

The BMW has various scratches, dents and dings and will require attention to the paintwork, but when done, will be perfect for a private collection!


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