1991 Porsche 911 964 LHD Convertible

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In late 1989, the 911 underwent a major evolution with the introduction of the Type 964. With technologies from the 959 flagship model, this would be an important car for Porsche, since the world economy was undergoing recession and the company could not rely on its image alone.
It was launched as the Carrera 4, the “4” indicating 4 wheel drive,  demonstrating the company’s commitment to engineering. The chassis was redesigned overall. Coil springs, ABS and PAS were introduced. The engine was increased in size to 3,600 cc and was rated at 250 PS (184 kW). The rear wheel drive version, the Carrera 2, arrived a year later.
This model is a 1991 Carrera 2 Left-Hand Drive, originally from Bahrain but now UK registered with a V5 log book. It has only 127K kms (78K miles), comes with Porsche hand book, wallet and original service book with 6 main dealer stamps as well as a large pile of service and repair paperwork. It behaved well during the test drive.
The body and paint work is in very good condition, free from any scratches and the interior is in its original condition.
The power roof works but has a cracked arm that prevents complete locking and therefore needs attention to make it work properly. It has also  some damage on the fabric as can be seen in the photographs

360° exterior view

360° interior view

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