Restoration Projects

Classic Cars for Restoration

This section lists all classic cars that we sell as “projects” as they require various levels of work to get them to the “perfect” condition that we always aim for but for which we do not currently have time for due to an already overloaded workshop schedule!

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Model:       Convertible

Year:          1967

Price:         SOLD

Model:       Coupé 2+2

Year:          1975

Price:         £29, 500

Model:       SLC 450/500 Lightweight Rally – LHD

Year:          1980

Price:          SOLD

Model:       Mirage Mk2

Year:          1988

Price: SOLD

Model:   Coupe Serie 1

Year:          1966

Price:          SOLD

Model:       Fanalone

Year:          1967

Price:          SOLD

Model:   Manual Coupe

Year:          1982

Price:         SOLD

Model:       2 door CSi

Year:          1990

Price:          SOLD

Model:   Hatchback

Year:          1990

Price:          SOLD

Model:   2 Door Saloon

Year:          1968

Price:          SOLD

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